Thank You! $590 Raised! More than 19 People Will Receive Access to Clean Water!
October 30, 2017

Thank you to all who donated to my CHARITY WATER Birthday Campaign! Because of you, more than 19 people will gain access to clean water! What a beautiful gift to give. And thank you to you all for your understanding and patience during my hiatus. I’ve been taking care of some family matters for the last couple months, and trying to be more present and available to the people I love the most. And sometimes that means putting personal pursuits on hold. Trying to save the world while neglecting the needs of my own family is no good indeed. So I’m trying to put my priorities in order, looking after my overall personal health, my family relationships and responsibilities, and then personal endeavors. Things have been falling into place much better, and I’m hoping to get podcasting again sometime within the next month or so. Until then, get out there and make some hope! (Start with yourself, then your family, and then reach out to others 🙂

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