How to Help Refugees with Miranda Livingston – Episode 001
July 6, 2017

Join me for my first podcast interview for Making Hope! It was delightful to chat with Miranda Livingston about simple and easy ways individuals can do something to help refugees from wherever they are. She shares some of her own experiences helping refugees as well as how she teaches and includes her children and friends in this effort.

Links and Resources Discussed in Episode 1

This American Life Podcast

TAL Episode 592 is very informative about what its like being a refugee, including the process they have to go through to relocate to a more permanent home.
TAL Episode 609 breaks down the President’s travel ban back in January 2017 pretty comprehensively.

Exodus: A PBS Frontline Series Documentary that follows the stories of several refugee individuals and families.

UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency
Check out the statistics tab at the top of the website for quick info on the state of affairs of the current refugee crisis. Here is a sneak peek of the statistics page:

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