I love nature, peace, color, vibrancy. One Yellow Finch perched on a tree branch stands out to me, so that’s why I chose this name. Yellow communicates happiness. It is fun and bright! The sweet sound of birds’ song fills me with hope and peace. It is important to me to take care of this singular Earth we have been blessed with, to keep a healthful and safe environment for those things that make it beautiful. The majestic trees, the joyful flowers, the clean water, the fresh air, and of course, the Yellow Finches.

I’m Emily Wagner. I live in southeastern Michigan, USA. My husband, Seth, and I have been married for 10 amazing years fraught with challenges, joy and growth. We have 2 wonderful sons, John (5 yrs. old) and our baby, Henry. Family and faith are most important to me (see www.mormon.org). I love taking walks with my boys around the canopied streets of our neighborhood, cooking plant based whole foods, yoga, audio books, singing, podcasts, DIY home renovations, gardening & and creating beautiful things!

Thanks for coming with me on this journey! It’s sure to evolve significantly and be a bumpy ride, but no matter what, it will be full of hope!

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